Blogging in HSD

Incorporating an education blog as a way of extending thinking and communication beyond the classroom can be an effective and powerful use of technology, both for teachers and for students.  We would like to encourage HSD teachers to explore this tool with their students, keeping the following guidelines in mind.


Adhere strictly to HSD’s guidelines and acceptable use policies (AUP) regarding the use of school and division-wide computer networks and the Internet.

Adhere strictly to HSD’s publishing guidelines with respect publishing photos, student names, or student work. Take the necessary steps to secure parental permission before using the blog in a participatory manner.  Keep an up-to-date record of photo-publishing permissions.

Write ethically (summarized from http://www.cyberjournalist.net/news/000215.php)

  • Be honest and fair.  Post factual information, distinguish between facts and commentary, cite (and link to) sources wherever feasible.
  • Treat human beings with respect., including those who comment on your posts
  • Take responsibility for the information in your blog.  Clearly state your affiliation and the aims of your blog.  Invite dialogue over the content of your blog.


Moderate the comments and/or use verification tools within your blog to reduce spamming incidences.



Don’t identify any student, classroom, or school beyond what is allowed by HSD guidelines.

Don’t put forth your views as being representative of the division’s position on any matter.