Wednesday reading 6

Today i read “the far side gallery”. the far side gallery is a comic book made by Gray Larson. It features comics of his own making and imagination. He makes a lot of jokes about science and idiotic people.

Identify Sources:

The author most likely found out about scientists and science from very minimal research. I think most of his knowledge comes from his mind and he doesn’t have to do much research to think of a comic. I think that when he wants to write a comic about science or history he just searches on the internet for about 1 minute and he has enough material to make a comic. If i were to try and find this information i would probably just search up the key words of the situation i was thinking of writing about.

Wednesday Reading 5

Today i read “Calvin and Hobbes”. Calvin and Hobbes were trying to build a snowman and it came to life when they did the “Frankenstein” speech. The snowman chased them around the yard and eventually they made it to the house before it caught them.

Wednesday reading 3

Today I read “Ender’s Game”. A child named Andrew (Ender) Lives with his brother Peter and his sister Valentine. Valentine is really nice to him and enjoys his company. Peter hates him and enjoys beating him up.

Appraise own and others work: What made reading this text was how well the author is able to make you visualize the text. Was a little boring at points but that’s all books. Could use more sound effects and more enthusiasm at some points.

Wednesday reading 4

Today i read “Ender’s Game”. It is about a boy named Andrew (Ender) who is the 3rd child in a very smart family. It is weird to have 3 children because normal families only have 2.

Appreciate Diversity: The reading I have done has not changed the way i see the world around me very much. It is basically the same as the world around me and if one thing was different it would be how i see the 3rd child in families. Does not make me appreciate anything differently. And i am not influenced to foster diversity in my community at all.

Wednesday Reading 2

Today I read “The Essential Calvin and Hobbes”. It’s about a little child that tends to get in trouble a lot and also hangs around his stuffed tiger who he thinks is alive.

Generate Ideas: “Calvin gets in trouble”. I chose this title because that’s pretty much all that happened in the text that i read today. Calvin just got in trouble a lot around home and around school. This is not much different than the rest of the book, but i can live with it. He usually says it’s not him, but he always gets found out. Calvin can’t take responsibility for himself. He’s six, so I get it. It’s not like he’s 40.

Wednesday Reading 1

“Ender’s Game”. A kid named Andrew lives at home with a sister that loves him to death and her name is Valentine. He also loves with a ┬áreally abusive brother named Peter. His parents are barely home but they still love him and he still loves them.

Connected Text. The family in the book are a lot like families in today’s ┬ásociety. They’re slightly dysfunctional and the parents aren’t home a lot. they still love their children but don’t really show it.

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