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From Teacher to Learner and Learner to Teacher
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Building Innovation Capacity
We need a culture where \"Why am I learning this?\" and \"When am I ever going to use this?\" are seldom heard. Instead, we should be hearing, \"I wonder if I could...?\" and \"What would happen if I...?\" and \"Let\'s try and figure out...\" [The] (More)
Do you recognize these faces?
  In case you aren\'t an expert in pinpointing every face in the SRSS yet, pictured above is Ms T (More)
A fierce conversation with self
As I start another year, I again ask myself what I want to achieve (personally and professionally), how I\'m going to measure it and what I may have to change in order to get there. \"Reflection is the process of stepping back from an experience t (More)
A change mindset requires curiosity
This past week I attended a CEA workshop entitled, \"What\'s standing in the way of change in education?\" We shared our experiences of schools at their best, what we see as barriers to change, how we\'ve moved around some of those barriers, and then (More)
Leading requires action and a growth mindset
I had a student tell me today that the government should make a law about changing school. This student has many interests and would like to spend time pursuing them rather than the content prepared by teachers that he finds of little interest. After (More)

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