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The Musical of Our Childhood
I\'m sure you\'ve all heard of this years school drama production— it\'s quite hard to miss. I for one am really looking forward to it for one main reason. The fact that \'High School Musical\' is this year\'s \'Musical\' of our \'High School,\' i (More)
The Ultimate Calling
Ever feel like you wanted to be a part of an extra curricular activity this year... but still haven\'t found your calling? Well, starting this spring, there\'s a somewhat ultimate sport calling out to everyone and anyone to come join. Yes, I\'m talki (More)
Alice @ Wonderland: Interview with Ms Stobbe
Alice @ Wonderland truly is as weird as I expected it to be! So far in my part as an extra, I\'ve been part of a rabbit hole, the Jabberwocky, and have been told I will be possibly wearing a morph suit ( I\'m not so sure how I feel about that yet : (More)
Varisty Girls Volleyball Team is on Fire
The varsity girls are on fire this season! They have only lost two games as of October 31st. The team participates in a tournament nearly every weekend, and they have games during the week as well. The season had a great start when the girls took sec (More)
An Orchestra of Soccer
Sabres boy\'s soccer game 09.18.14 With a great game comes along great pictures. From the moments leading up to a goal... To the various forms of congratulatory moments that occur. But, let\'s not forget the countless more that make (More)
The Tortoise and The Hares (The Mountain Biking Club)
This is a mountain bike… This is not… Apparently Canadian Tire is mistaken (More)

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