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Socratic Circle
7PN participated in their first Socratic Circle today and it was a huge success.  Ask your son/daughter how it works and I encourage you to offer your feedback on the top (More)
Book Club Expectations
For the last 3 weeks, students in 7PN have been working on \'Book Clubs\' in ELA.  Each week students are given a reading assignment, and they are responsible for a variety of individual and group tasks. The tasks include: Chapter summary Id (More)
Book Club Discussions Week #1
We just completed our first week of managing 8 Book Clubs within our classroom.  How the final discussion day works is simple: The leader for the week checks in on all completed tasks by each individual group leader and then leads the discussions whi (More)
Starting today, 7PN will be running 8 consecutive Book Clubs all focusing on a mystery theme.  All parents are encouraged to read the attached outline to be aware of the student expectations over the next 6 weeks. More)
Commercials or Advertisements
***PARENTS*** What is your favourite commercial or advertisement from growing up?  What made it so memorable?  Comment below with the youtube link to your favourite commercial and we\'ll share it in class. (More)
3.1.2 Ask Questions
the Novelist by Angela Hunt This book is about the two lives that one person leads. Jordan is a 52 year old best-selling author and mother of three. It is amazing to her how her famous character, Rex Tower, is the complete opposite if herself. she (More)
4.2.1 Appraise Own and Other\'s Work
Steal Away has been finished! Teri has concluded her case about Ellen with work that is satisfactory for Carl. She has dug deeper than she though she would ever have to. it turns out, two other murder/suicides are connected with one thing in common. (More)
5.1.3 Use Language to Show Respect
In Steal Away, Teri has concluded that Ellen just needed a place to get away from the stresses of being a famous preacher\'s wife. At the request from Carl, she finally agrees to reopen the case and figure out Ellen\'s mind set before the boat accide (More)
Steal Away
I started reading the book Steal Away by Linda Hall. A famous christian speaker and minister by the name of Carl Housman has phoned Teri, a PI, to find someone for him. She is all set to tell him exactly where his wayward son has gone, but as it turn (More)
RYAN N-H - Please Help I have a student in my class who has selected to do his Passion Proje (More)
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