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Halloween Costumes!
I don’t know about you, but I love to dress up for Halloween.  Like, why give up the chance to be someone/something else for a day?  The problem for all us “Costume Lovers” though, is what to dress up as…  Well, thankfully this year I’m here to help (More)
Falling for Fall
I for one have to say, Fall is by far my favourite season; from the weather to the steaming hot beverages, and don\'t forget the fall fashion. I guess I\'ll start with fashion... I love it! Once Fall comes around, it\'s finally time to take out th (More)
Weekly Fashion Statements: ISSUE ONE
Throughout our school, there are many unique styles that gives you a peak of the wearer\'s diverse personality. Follow this blog\'s segment to find inspiration and quotes from the students of SRSS! More)

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