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I\'ve moved
You can find me blogging further here. (More)
From Teacher to Learner and Learner to Teacher
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Building Innovation Capacity
We need a culture where \"Why am I learning this?\" and \"When am I ever going to use this?\" are seldom heard. Instead, we should be hearing, \"I wonder if I could...?\" and \"What would happen if I...?\" and \"Let\'s try and figure out...\" [The] (More)
Lasting Impressions
(I\'ve joined Digital Writing Month and intend to create a text for each day of November. I\'ll start with written words only...) When students start complaining about another teacher I ask them (More)
Change me?
Even when I’m all by myself, my mind is keeping me company, constantly chattering away about one thing or another, a constant stream of positive and negative chatter. It is hard to be alone. Even when silent in a crowd or while I’m talking to someone (More)
A change mindset requires curiosity
This past week I attended a CEA workshop entitled, \"What\'s standing in the way of change in education?\" We shared our experiences of schools at their best, what we see as barriers to change, how we\'ve moved around some of those barriers, and then (More)
Does the learning really need to be visible?
This last week students were asked to present their learning journeys. Most were less than my expectations. In reflecting, I  concede that my preparation was inadequate. Or was it? I knew that I was working against a long history of \"show and tell\" (More)
Awakening Possibilities #MTSawake2014 Notes and Reflection
Attending the conference left me comfortably uneasy. Knowing the issues and acting on the possibilities created a tension. I don\'t lack desire to use technology tools, just some greater access to sharing student creations online. Ah, the possibility (More)
Seeking Social Justice
What does it mean to seek justice? Last night I was preparing for a lent sharing circle on the topic of leaders who have sought out justice. I came across a powerful Aboriginal prayer spoken by More)
Why I\'m not a fan of report cards
It\'s report card time again and I\'m wondering why I\'m less enthused every reporting period. My teaching context is not traditional, but rather a flexible learning environment w (More)
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