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This week I\'ve learnt a lot more then i thought i did, looking back on my lessons I\'ve gone threw a lot of the stuff i already knew but also a lot of new things. I\'m surprised how fast i am able to work threw lessons now, it\'s a lot easier to wor (More)
It says I\'m only 25% more fluent, which really isn\'t that much. The reason for this is because i have to keep going over and over my old eggs, because after a while they aren\'t gold anymore and then i have to sort of re-fresh then to make them gol (More)
I am now 16% fluent in french according to the Duolingo website. I have lots of strong words that i know how to use and am good at putting and using them in sentences and i also have lots of words that i am not good at using. The goal is to have m (More)
I am not really learning a language, I\'m more refreshing my language knowledge of french. I already know most french I know the basics, it has just become more difficult for me to carry on a conversation in french. For the job that I want in my near (More)

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