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We Have Options
Thanksgiving is that wonderful holiday filled with food that reminds us to be thankful for everything we have. This year during my family gathering, school came up as one of the main topics as something to be thankful for. I always agreed wholehe (More)
Take A Bow SR
In a few short weeks another school year ends with many of us graduating and starting a new chapter in our lives.  It started early for me as I began to spend more and more tim (More)
If i\'m going to apply the overused glass analogy here, I would contradict it and say it is 3/4 empty not 3/4 full. You\'re probably wondering what the heck i\'m talking about. School. Yes people, we have accomplished 3 terms and we have 1 left. I (More)
The Pressure of Choosing a Career
Do you ever feel pressured to have to know what career path you\'re going to take? Well after googling the phrase, \"schools and pressure on teens,\" many blog posts and websites popped up proving this is not an untouched subject.  Beginning in grade (More)
Pink Day
It’s Anti-bullying Day on April 17th. Maybe it\'s time to come clean. I\'m a statistic. Forced to switch schools for Grade 12 because of bullying. I\'m also a success s (More)
SRSS ID Tags...Helpful or Annoying?
SRSS students sporting the latest fashion craze: ID tags!  A hot topic at sch (More)
Missing Payment
Teacher Appreciation Week got me thinking that there are so many great teachers at the SRSS. Everyone has had the chance to meet and learn from some of what I think are the best teachers ever. Sadly you can\'t take every course the SR has to offer so (More)
The Lurk of Homework
     Perhaps it\'s that point of the school year when you wonder why you were ever excited for summer to end. (Because considering it all, freedom and sleeping in really wasn\' (More)
Varsity Boys Volleyball Team Makes History
  Fans from almost every region of the province gathered at the Investors Group Athletic Centre, the night of December first, to witness the Sabres seize the St (More)
WiFi at the SRSS: Good or Bad?
At first when I heard about the possibility of having WiFi access at school, I thought it was a great idea! There would be no more struggling to get a good signal on our (More)
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