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Chocolate Chip Geologist
You have been hired at COOKIE INCORPORATED because of your expert knowledge on the mineral “chocolate chip”. As the chocolate chip geologist you have traveled far and wide and have brought back two ore samples (chocolate chip cookies) to test. COO (More)
Newspaper Chairs
This past Tuesday, all 130 grade 7 students were assigned the same task - To design a realistic looking chair that would support the average weight of a student in grade 7, 90 lbs. Criteria needed to be a frame structure needed to have disti (More)
Cluster 3: Forces and Structures
White glue and spaghetti is needed the first week back after Spring Break. Start collecting newspapers for our culminating activity in Science at the end of April. (More)
12 cards and 10 cm of tape.  The challenge was for the students to create a structure that could support a load of textbooks.  Which design do you think worked the best?  Why? More)
I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice-Cream
Today in Science we ventured outside to make ice-cream as part of our learning within the unit Particle Theory of Matter.  To make the ice-cream each student was given two different sized baggies.  In the smaller baggie, students put 1/2 cup of half (More)
New topic: Munchkin Cats
A intrusting  fact I learned while discovering munchkin cats was: Munchkin cats come in three sizes Standard, super short (as shown in picture above) and rug hugger which (More)
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
We have been studying about Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration and their chemical formulas! Who remembers any of the cool chemical names we\'ve looked at? More)
Say what? Bio what?  This past Friday our topic of study in Science was Bioaccumulation.  Bioaccumulation is the collection or increasing incidence of something in a food chain or pyramid. Check out this link to see a short video demonstration: (More)
Tourand Creek Discovery Center
On Friday, October 10th, the grade 7 classes at CMS visited Tourand Creek Discovery Center in connection to our Science Unit - Interactions Within Ecosystems.  As a \'wrap-up\' activity, students will be completing a 6 part blog entry.  Check out the (More)
7PN was investigating microorganisms today using the water and soil samples brought in from home.  The students had a blast trying to identify different creatures from the Monera and Protist Kingdom.  We will continue to use the microscopes tomorrow (More)
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