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Squidwards suicide is a story about a nickalodian intern along with the lead animaters, all of them got to see all of the spongebob episodes early. One episode that they got called fear of a crabby patty, it was different. The episode started off wit (More)
2.1.2 comprehension strategies
House Party , Eric Walters,  (Novel) I finished my book so there's only 2 pages to talk about. The party is over and Casey's mom and dad are on their way home. Most things are cleaned up the window is fixed and the garbage is cleaned up. Jens mom (More)
5.1.3 Use Language to Show Respect
House Party , Eric Walters,  (Novel) For this summary I don't have much for it. ok so the cops came to Casey house and she didn't get in trouble but she just got a talking to and then Jens mom came to the house to watch them till Casey mom/dad got (More)
5.1.3 Use language to show respect
Still Kobe After All These Years By Michael Grange (Magazine Article) Kobe has been doing the same moves through the years he has changed the game. This is Kobe's last year in the NBA after 18 seasons. Kobe Bryant has beat and has won so many  awa (More)
4.1.1 generate ideas
October 29th 2015 Harry Potter and the philosperus stone J.k. Rowling The first face-off The trio of friends go past fluffy the three heded dog and go to the Devils snare. The grip on this plant can stop bludd flow and easily tear your arm (More)
Wednesday reading- 2.1.1: experience various texs
authors: (Don Cherry) and (Gordie Howe) biography Don Cherry\'s book talked about all-star players not having to fight or stick up for them selves that there should be a enforcer on the team that should be sticking up for these all-star players (More)
2.2.1 Experience reading various texts
\"Harry Potter and the Philosopher\'s Stone\" J.K. Rowling fiction harry and his friends along with malfoy got in trouble for sneaking out at knight and there detention was to go into the forbidden forest to do some clean up duty. soon they fin (More)
2.2.1 experience reading various texts
(book 1)\"House Party\", Eric Walters, novel (book 2 - magazine)  \"Seventeen\" various authors (magazine) In book 1 I read that the girls are about to have the party but its 10 min after the starting time and they are starting to think that no on (More)
4.1.1 Generate Ideas
House Party , Eric Walters, ( novel ) so today in my book I read about the girls were getting ready to have the party so Jen went upstairs to get ready Casey said\" she\'d been working on it for the last hour\" so Jen asked how she looked and Case (More)
harry-potter and the chamber of secrets j.k. Rowling chapter 6 the midnight duel harry had went to broom stick flying school in this chapter and he and malfoy got into a bit of trouble. malfoy stole nevile\'s rememborball then harry got on to (More)
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