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new dirt bike flex bars 3.2.3
I read about the new pro taper flex bars that riders have bin testing and putting them throw the passes on the track. This bars are a new design that has two bars in one with a turn of the little wheel to look them soled or turn the wheel so the bars (More)
snowboarding 5.2.3
I got to read all about the sweet places to go riding. one of the pros said that china has one of the best places to go meet and see new people and teats all the great foods that china has to offer. The mountain riding in china was amazing from what (More)
weds reading 4.2.5
today i read on the new 174\" monster snowmobile from skidoo! this sled isĀ  going to dominant the mountains this year with its new 174\" long track and three inch padled lugs. this long track will allow for more flotation to stay on top of the snow a (More)
yesterday in weds day reading i read and articular on Levi LaValle and what he is doing after is sno-cross, he retired in 2013 do to his injury he said he could keep racing but then he would not be able to do anything after he was done so now he get (More)
i read about the new polairs axys interment clusters. This dives has all the new goodys for the snowmobile. if you brake down it will tell you the closes place to go to fix what you broke and what you can do to fix on the trailer it has a gps which y (More)
weds day reading 4.4.1
today in weds reading i read about a turbo kit for snowmobiles and how much they coats and the power they gave out on to the snowmobile. the turbo coat it around 5,000-6,000 and you can put out around 210hp and the sleds come stock with 160hp at most (More)

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