Blog post for the day

Lately I have been working on learning the final stuff and getting ready for my final testing, it has been a great semester learning a new language and getting my horizons brightened. I now can communicate with others in a totally different way.

Blog post 6/10/2015

I was trying to figure out what to exactly do for my final. I overestimated my ability to learn basic conversation in a single semester. All I have been able to learn is words for a basic conversation. So I don’t know how this whole final thing is going to work out, can I just […]

Blog post 5/11/2015

I was able to complete my goals and intentions that I set for last week. The four seasons, all the days of the week, and others like weekend and today. I am very happy with the progress I have been making, I am still on track to my final goal and am very close to […]

Blog Post April 24

This week I worked on who, what, where, when, why, how, yes, no, and basic manners like excuse me, welcome, sorry ect… I think I have been on track with my weekly learning, by following my weekly goals and the self list of the things I need to accomplish.

weekly blog post for April 16 (I think)

This week I was working on learning people and different ways to refer to them. I was able to accomplish my goals for the week, but with learning this much in a short period of time it comes with some challenges (or a lot). Its always a challenge for me to link the words together, […]

Term One Reflection

I have met my short term goals on learning the alphabet but not the emotions yet. My long term goals were too be able to have a conversation with someone who uses sign language well I am on the right track by learning phrases and basic words. My new short term goal is to learn […]

Challenge of the week

What does it mean for me to learn. It means finding something you are very intrigued by, looking into something and finding connections to further your learning, like for me with sign language I am using the alphabet to further my learning by knowing knowing the motions know the symbols and using the pre knowledge […]

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