Last Post

Until further notice, this is the last post I’ll be making on this blog. With my current position as a Middle Years Learning Coach for the Hanover School Division, I am no longer in my own classroom. If you’d like to see what I’ve been up to, check out my professional website

Spring is in the air!

Hello! On our first day back from Spring Break, we brainstormed answers to the question, “What does ‘Learning to the End’ look like?” 6CM students came up with many ideas for how we can all be successful in the next 3 months of school. It can be the most challenging time of the year because the warm weather brings many new opportunities that can distract us from our learning in school, and with the excitement of summer holidays coming it can be hard to hang on. Check out the picture below to see what we came up with!


Learning Trip + Excellent Students = Successful Day in the ‘Peg

On Wednesday we enjoyed watching and listening to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. In the afternoon we participated in a puppetry workshop at Manitoba Theatre for Young People. It was a wonderful day!  As you can see from the picture below, it tuckered some students right out. (Thanks DK for letting me post the picture…it was all CG’s idea…really…)


Word of Encouragement

Times are busy and we have to step back once in a while to take a good look at what’s really happening around us. I looked around my classroom today and saw wonderful things. Students were focused and working together. They were answering one another’s questions. They were discussing topics in-depth. They were supporting one another when there was frustration. Someone threw a piece of garbage towards the trash can and accidentally missed; a fellow student picked it up for him and put it in correctly.  They were lending supplies to each other. “Please” and “thank you” are words that were heard. There was laughter and smiles. There was sharing of stories. I saw a student completing division questions independently when 3 months ago they needed full support.

Thank you for all you do at home with your children! You play an essential role in helping your child receive a good education and become learners who know how to use their brains effectively. I appreciate the privilege of being able to share in a brief moment of your child’s life. Thank you for your trust and support as we go through the middle years journey together.

What are we doing these days?

Here are some questions to promote discussion with your child this week:

1) Who are you researching for your Inspire Me Writer’s Workshop project?

2) How do you feel about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals?

3) How well did your parachute work last week when you dropped it from the second floor of Towne Square?

4) What topic are you researching for Social Studies?

5) How did you do on your Social Studies test?

6) How did you show a growth mindset in school today?

7) What are you finding challenging right now in school?

8) How are you feeling successful right now in school?

9) How are you showing respect for your classmates/the adults at school?

10) What are you looking forward to for I Love to Read month?

Inspire Me!

Today students were told about their latest Writer’s Workshop project called “Inspire Me”. Students are to choose a hero or trailblazer that they find inspiring. They will be researching information about this person and then creating 3 motivational products that feature him/her: a poster, a PhotoStory video and informational pamphlet. Ask your child who their “Inspire Me” person is!

Pizza Fundraiser

Students have been given information (2 papers) that explain how our pizza fundraiser is working. It starts today! It is optional, but it is a great way to reduce or even ELIMINATE the cost of our Grade 6 learning trips! Students have till January 28 to sell frozen pizzas from Spenst Bros. For every pizza sold, students earn $3.50 off the cost of their trips.

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! I’m looking forward to a productive  few months before the snow starts to melt and we can start to feel warm again! We’ve got lots of learning to do! Remind messages will begin again on Tuesday. Keep an eye open for information about our pizza fundraiser towards the end of the month.