Miss Birss

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive , that is you-er than you! ~ Dr. Seuss

Telling Time

Please click on the following link- 

Leave this page open and you may pick from one of the following websites 🙂 

I hope that you have an amazing day 🙂

What time is it MR. Wolf? 

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1.Go to India  websites

2.Try search and record the answers to your questions

3. Have Fun 🙂

4. new

Please remember that you need to record your answers in full sentences!

<3 Miss Birss

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Animal Research

Animal research 

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Please go clean your room !


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Please be respectful and use your time wisely. Read all of the instructions and if you forget what your job is come back to this page to find out your jobs!

Hope you have a fabulous afternoon, please remember to take out recycling and compost.

Ask for Brain Pop Password 🙂

<3 Miss Birss

1.Please watch the movie

2.Belly Up

3.Game on Brain pop page

After you have completed all 3 jobs you may pick on of the following :


Free Time 1

Free Time 2 

Free Time 3

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The World

Good Afternoon 3B

Please open your Pause N’ Think and write down 5 facts about Mexico.

You need to write 3 of the facts in a full sentence and in your own words.

After you are finished you may go on the PBS website and have free time checking out different parts of the world!

<3    Miss Birss


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Eco Foot print

eco print

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Math Madness

Good Afternoon 3B!

Please click on one of the following links. After you are finished with the one game please close out the window and come back to this page; and pick a second activity. Please remember to use your mental math strategies.

<3 Miss Birss

Lego Build 

During lego build it will ask you to publish and log in – please do not log in or publish 🙂

Connect Four




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Free Time

 Free Time is a chance to explore while having fun and being respectful. Remember to ask Miss Birss before entering free time.

<3 Miss Birss

Kid Rex

Brain Pop 






Fun Brain


Tumble Books

Pebble Go

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