2.1.2 comprehension strategies

House Party , Eric Walters,  (Novel)

I finished my book so there’s only 2 pages to talk about. The party is over and Casey’s mom and dad are on their way home. Most things are cleaned up the window is fixed and the garbage is cleaned up. Jens mom is just cleaning up some other things in the kitchen and Casey parents should be home in any minute. Casey hears the car pull up she is nervous and scared Jens mom says ” you should probably meet them by the door” Casey says ” that’s a good idea”. Then they meet at the door Casey says ” I am so sorry, I need to tell you something”. The End : )

The gray in this picture is a symbol of being upset and mad. The rainbow is a symbol of hope that the parents won’t get mad and that maybe there could be a good lesson from this party. There’s a darker side and a lighter side the dark is them maybe being really mad and the bright colours of the rainbow/lighter side is them getting happier that she is okay and nothing had happened to the girls. ( Casey/Jen )

5.1.3 Use Language to Show Respect

House Party , Eric Walters,  (Novel)

For this summary I don’t have much for it. ok so the cops came to Casey house and she didn’t get in trouble but she just got a talking to and then Jens mom came to the house to watch them till Casey mom/dad got home and they had to clean up around the house and repair the windows before they got home.


This book is a lot about girls and not so much about boys.

not done yet

1.1.3: Experiment with Language and forms

house party, Eric Walters, novel

OK same book and i’m kinda guessing you know what is  happening so ill try to make it short.

so the party is wild and Jen is really drunk and there are people doing things upstairs in the bedroom. there is to many people coming to the party and its getting out of control so two of Casey guy friends are standing at the front door so nobody else gets in but people can get out. Jen is downstairs in a bathroom at a toilet and puking a lot and Casey needs help getting more people out because the party is getting to big. so once Jen is done puking they go and try to get more people out of the house but now there is more and more people out side and they are all mad and yelling and fights are breaking out. and thing inside are starting to break. so thats a small bit of my book today 🙂



drunk people

crazy and out of control





don’t know what to do


Page 74 – 85

3.3.2 record information

House Party , Eric Walters , novel

today I was reading about the girls ( Casey and Jen ) having there party it is now starting and Casey is getting excited about the party there is a lot of people coming to there party and it is starting to get scary for Casey because she doesn’t know a lot of these people and before she knows it there is 25 people there so its going good and then she get asked to dance by a guy so she goes for a dance and then Jen tells her there is something wrong Casey say ” what happened?” I asked anxiously ” nothing serious. a bottle of wine got knocked over?” so now Casey has some cleaning up to do.

* Casey is excited about the party

*Casey is scared

* Jen is drunk

* Jen does not worry

*  Casey is happy about the dance

* Casey is worried


Casey and Jen started off excited and then they both realized that the party was not a good idea. there was issues when Casey trying to have a good time to but be responsible and Jen tired to get stuff together but had a hard time to.


2.2.1 experience reading various texts

(book 1)”House Party”, Eric Walters, novel (book 2 – magazine)  “Seventeen” various authors (magazine)

In book 1 I read that the girls are about to have the party but its 10 min after the starting time and they are starting to think that no one will show up. About 2 seconds after they say that the door bell rings. They get nervous. Jen said ” You get the door”. Casey says “I have to check my makeup.” So after she dose that she races to the door. She’s scared. She takes a deep breath and opens the door and the people start coming in and the party begins.

In book 2 I was looking at how the adds are trying to tell the girls how to wear makeup/clothes. there’re adds that show girls how to look cool. There are clothes in the book that they think you should wear to make you look more cool/beautiful. there are hair styles in the book to that you can go off of.

The intended audience is teen girls and guys but mostly girls.

The one girl in my book felt pressured to have a party to fit in and get accepted. “no one could accuse us of having a party and nobody showing up.” girls read the magazine and feel pressured to look the same as the girls in the magazine. Don’t let pressure get to you.

why are young people not voting?

why do teen not vote compared to older people?

* they don’t have time to vote maybe they’re in school so maybe they can’t vote/ don’t have time.

* maybe a lot of  teens have no Idea what it’s all about or maybe they just don’t know who to vote for.

* some teens are careless so they don’t really care who gets the most votes / wins.

why should teens vote?

* teens should vote more so they can get more into what’s going on in the world.

* teens should vote more because why not its one more thing that teens can be involved in so there for I think more teens should vote

* it gives more people of a understanding of what the teens want for a government.





4.1.1 Generate Ideas

House Party , Eric Walters, ( novel )

so today in my book I read about the girls were getting ready to have the party so Jen went upstairs to get ready Casey said” she’d been working on it for the last hour” so Jen asked how she looked and Casey said she looked great so they started getting things ready for the party Jen had asked if Casey’s parents had any booze and Casey said yes they do but she don’t thinks it’s a good idea but she goes with it to make Jen happy so she goes to the cabinet to grab the booze for the party so they can make punch Jen and Casey are almost ready to party the party’s an hour away.

“Time to Party”   that is my name I would pick because the girls are getting ready for the party and it’s almost time for the party to start so I think that would be a great name for it

3.1.2 Ask Questions

today I was reading about Casey and Jen was going to have a party at Casey’s house. but Casey’s scared that something will go wrong or that her mom will find out that she had a party at the house. she is scared that something will break Jen says “do you really think anything will brake” so she packs up breakable things and puts them away so they don’t get broken. Jen, her friend wants a bigger party but Casey is to scared to invite more people because she is scared something will go wrong. but she comes around and says yes to a few more people so they get ready for the party.


my question is for Casey. why did she decide to go through with the party and why didn’t she just stop it like she wanted to?  I feel like Casey’s making a really bad mistake and something could really go wrong. without parents there something could go out of hand. my second question is why dose Jen want a bigger party when she knows things can get out of hand? Jen is not being a good influence on Casey and convincing her to have the party. Jen is putting per presser on Casey.