Book Review: “The Quick”

If you are looking for something breath-taking to read or if you are just simply tired of typical love romances and predictable horror fictions, may I suggest something “exotic”?

The Quick is a freshly issued gothic novel by Lauren Owen. It’s a brilliant fictional novel about Victorian London, would-be poets, friendship and a mysterious club. In her first novel, Lauren Owen has created a fantastical world that is both beguiling and terrifying. 

The main character, James Norbury, is a shy, would-be poet from Oxford. He and his sister Charlotte experience the ups and downs of their cruel lives, and go through a life-long adventure that affects both of them until the very end. James finds a place to live with a magnificent young upper class gentleman. His new friend introduces him to the high society, shows him an entirely new world – one he has never seen before. James finds love, experiences heart-breaking friendship and suddenly vanishes without a trace. Charlotte, worried about her brother, goes to explore the unfamiliar and frightening streets of London, in hopes to find James. Throughout the story she meets some fascinating characters, such as the bloodcurdling “Doctor Knife”, who hunts down people in the middle of the night, the female rope walker turned vigilante, and the outgoing American tourist who gets mixed up in the midst of events. But all rof the roads of her brother’s disappearance eventually lead to the doors of the most mysterious and dangerous institution of London: The Aegolius Club.

Before a whirlwind of adventure takes the reader too far, he or she might already have plenty of questions just by looking at the cover, or by reading the summary, but one must not rush with the search for answers, because the novel will reveal secrets along the way, answer questions and leave some in the end for the reader to wonder and mull over. Moreover the plot will surprise the reader more than once throughout the story. With all its unpredictable twists, charming characters and intriguing moments, The Quick will make you want to read it in one breath.

This novel touched the deepest corners of my heart. I even got inspired for art and drawing illustrations of characters in the novel. When I saw The Quick at the bookstore and read the summary, the theme and genre suited my interests so perfectly, that I bought it right away without any hesitation. This book literally became my life for those few days of reading it.

The only part I disliked about this book was the very beginning of the story, because it was a bit boring and not that entertaining. Nevertheless, I assure you, if you are interested in this novel from what I’ve shared so far, then you won’t be disappointed.

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