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Lately I have been working on learning the final stuff and getting ready for my final testing, it has been a great semester learning a new language and getting my horizons brightened. I now can communicate with others in a totally different way. (More)
Term One Reflection (Blog Post Three)
During the beginning of this semester I found that I was very excited to work towards accomplishing my goal of earning a Spanish credit. I passed a level every day at a slow and steady pace but I found myself skimming the words and only trying to com (More)
Blog post 6/10/2015
I was trying to figure out what to exactly do for my final. I overestimated my ability to learn basic conversation in a single semester. All I have been able to learn is words for a basic conversation. So I don\'t know how this whole final thing is g (More)
This past week I was working on accomplishing things for my final goal. Finishing my goals for my final assessment. (More)
Blog Post for today
This last week I learned school stuff. I have a long way to go to reach my goal and this week I will need to accomplish a lot of important stuff (More)
Blog post 5/11/2015
I was able to complete my goals and intentions that I set for last week. The four seasons, all the days of the week, and others like weekend and today. I am very happy with the progress I have been making, I am still on track to my final goal and am (More)
Blog Post April 24
This week I worked on who, what, where, when, why, how, yes, no, and basic manners like excuse me, welcome, sorry ect... I think I have been on track with my weekly learning, by following my weekly goals and the self list of the things I need to acco (More)
weekly blog post for April 16 (I think)
This week I was working on learning people and different ways to refer to them. I was able to accomplish my goals for the week, but with learning this much in a short period of time it comes with some challenges (or a lot). Its always a challenge for (More)
Weekly blog post
I accomplished my goals for this week I worked on getting myself back on track and have a clear path for the rest of the semester. (More)
Term One Reflection
I have met my short term goals on learning the alphabet but not the emotions yet. My long term goals were too be able to have a conversation with someone who uses sign language well I am on the right track by learning phrases and basic words. My new (More)
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