This week I’ve learnt a lot more then i thought i did, looking back on my lessons I’ve gone threw a lot of the stuff i already knew but also a lot of new things. I’m surprised how fast i am able to work threw lessons now, it’s a lot easier to work on a bunch of lessons right in a row because you use things from other lessons and if you wait a while you can forget the things you just learnt. I really like how they make you go over lessons you have done before that helps a lot too. Nothing has surprised me really, I’m a little excited on how well i am understanding and getting it so quickly, because usually i don’t get it right away.


For my final i don’t know what to do. I think the teachers think i am doing a compulsory coarse, so i will go and do an exam at the end of the year but they are wrong. There is no French compulsory coarse for me to take, I am doing the same thing as everyone else in this room.

In my program there are 9 lessons in all, so far that is. I’ve never counted before so they might have added lessons that i am just not aware of. I have done 18 lessons and there are 61 lessons to go.

The course’s i have done:

Basics 1

Basics 2




Adjectives 1






Present 1

Demonst. 1

Conj. 1


Present 2

Adjectives 2


I have a lot more lessons to go, and not only is it just these, but within these there are from 1-9 lessons with in and you have to pass them all to move on to the next lesson


It says I’m only 25% more fluent, which really isn’t that much. The reason for this is because i have to keep going over and over my old eggs, because after a while they aren’t gold anymore and then i have to sort of re-fresh then to make them gold. So I’m not advancing much anymore, I’m refreshing more then ever. Soon i should stop and just advance and not worry about my eggs getting less color, I’ll just let them fade.

I think starting next week i am going to print off some french worksheets, nothing hard, and i am going to work on them, sort of getting away from the computer and working of something different, maybe ill do a Dictee which is like a french spelling test. I will do work sheets and test where i am at.


I am 22% fluent in French now according to Duolingo.

I am constantly having to go back and strengthen my skills and it’s very frustrating because i went over it already and it makes it lot harder to move forward. Duolingo is helping me so much, because not only am i learning new things that i learnt before, i am now going over things that i forgot that i had knew and going over them again its like “oh yeah i know this” and its really cool already knowing things that i forgot i knew.


I am now 16% fluent in french according to the Duolingo website.

I have lots of strong words that i know how to use and am good at putting and using them in sentences and i also have lots of words that i am not good at using. The goal is to have more words that you’re good at using then words that you are bad at using and i have a lot more words that i am better at using then bad at.

Strong Words:

  • Votre
  • Mangent
  • Rouges
  • Ses
  • Livres
  • Mes
  • Vos
  • Notre
  • Tes
  • Petits
  • Sont
  • Aimons
  • Et
  • Ecrivent



  • Animal
  • Fraise
  • Manges
  • Sa
  • Ma
  • C’
  • Ta
  • Leur
  • Son
  • Mon
  • Pomme
  • A
  • manteau


I am not really learning a language, I’m more refreshing my language knowledge of french. I already know most french I know the basics, it has just become more difficult for me to carry on a conversation in french. For the job that I want in my near future requires another language.

To show other people how much I’ve learned in french i could write a short story or a biography in french, or find a french test online that they do at french school to challenge myself or quiz myself. To present i could read a french book or an article in french, I would just like to present to my teacher and maybe a fellow student that is also learning french.

I practice my french on a site called Duolingo and i set my daily goal to the highest it can go which is 50xp. So everyday i go on Duolingo and i have to type in french as well as speak it and listen and try to write out what they are saying, i think its a good program, i would like to maybe do more french speaking to another french person or spend a month in a french home to learn it more, once school is over i think i am going to move to Montreal for a while and live with my family there to get used to the french language and hopefully get better at speaking it.

Towards others i think that me and a fellow student should do like Dictee’s which is a french spelling test so we can practice more, i know if seems childish but i think it could really help us with speaking the words out loud to one another and learning to spell it and working with the words.